ATIS(SUGAR-APPLES) - Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts

ATIS, Scientific Name :  Annona squamosa

Native to tropical Americas, India and Pakistan, SUGAR APPLE (or Atis in the Philippines) is a seedy(what?!!) fruit. I am quite sure, few Filipinos know that Atis in english is Sugar Apple (this blogger included - ahh, 'yun pala ingles nun). Back in my younger days, me and my peers collect Atis seeds, not to plant them but to use them as bullets for our toy guns.

Health Benefits from ATIS
A muscle rub for Arthritis, helps regulate menstrual cycle, boosts immune system (since it is so rich in Vitamin C), reduces Asthma attack. Really now, I was not aware that this fruit, Atis, is quite potent, nutrition-wise - packs more vitamins than an apple. Doing this blog sure has its benefit.

ATIS Nutritional Facts (content per 100g) VITAMINS
Vitamin A - 297 IU
Vitamin B1/Thiamine - 0.030 mg
Vitamin B2/Riboflavin - 0.110 mg
Vitamin B3/Niacin - 0.40 mg
Vitamin B5/Pantothenic Acid - 0 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.108 mg
Vitamin B8/Folate - 14.0 mcg
Vitamin C - 6.70 mg
Vitamin E - 0 mg
Vitamin K - 0 mcg

ATIS Nutritional Facts (content per 100g) MINERALS
Calcium -        34.0 mg
Iron -               0.60 mg
Magnesium -    37.0 mg
Phosphorous - 36.0 mg
Potassium -     303 mg
Sodium -         3.0 mg
Zinc -              0.420 mg
Copper -         0.187 mg
Manganese -   0.197 mg
Selenium -       0.60 mcg

ATIS Nutritional Facts (contents per 100g) OTHERS
Protein             - 1.470 g
Fiber                - 1.60 g
Beta-Carotene - 0 mcg
Lycopene        - 0 mcg
Cholesterol      - 0 mg


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